Interactive learning activities add the tactile and hands-on functions to the visual and aural learning, further grounding the knowledge for the student. It opens up opportunities for discussion – for two or many – and research. Collaborative activities further person-to-person, social functions. In some cases, the taste function can be involved – visit the Oreo Cookie Moon Phases activity.


Correlation Station

Learning to recognize similarities or associations makes a person more aware of the environment and how they interact with it – it impacts them (e.g. I’m cold) AND also they impact it (e.g. dropping trash or recycling).
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Listen to the Planets

“Space isn’t silent. It’s abuzz with charged particles that — with the right tools — we can hear.”

Make a Birthchart

To make your own birth chart, you will need your own birthdate and birthplace and the exact time you were born.
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Moon Phase Cookies

Here is a TASTY way to learn why the moon seems to change shape EVERY night!! There are 8 commonly recognized phases (shapes) of the moon. “The phases happen because the moon is constantly moving around the Earth. This means the amount of its face that’s lit up by sunlight changes night after night.” – The Mysteries of the Universe, 2020, DK Publishing